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It’s our delight to introduce you to our eternally optimistic, indefatigably energetic, and unquestionably entertaining mascot, Dizzy —The VR Squirrel...

Dizzy Wide Background, 2660x1140_edited.jpg

...who rules our hearts and inspires many of our social media posts.

Dizzy Collage 01 1024x768 transparent.png

Our Dizzy is forever ready to jump into a new adventure.

Dizzy Collage 02 1024x768 transparent.png
Dizzy Wide Background, 2660x1140_edited_edited.jpg

In another life, Dizzy would have been a gardener, or a disco dancer.

Dizzy Collage 03 1024x768 transparent.png

We are convinced, she believes that her input is essential for our success.
And in a way it is! 

She tirelessly cheers us on even when nothing seems to go right.

Dizzy Collage 04 1024x768 transparent.png

Well, that’s our Dizzy in a pecan shell. 
Undoubtedly, we will have more to share about her as she continues to grow into her adult boots.

Dizzy in two cute cowboy boots 1024x768.jpg
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