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Loping Wolf Music

How do you find a composer who successfully merges Art Nouveau and Space Symphony with subtle hints of 80s nostalgia and ethnic vibes thrown in for extra spice? 

Well, we did just that. 


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LOPING WOLF’s unique musical style has been the perfect fit for DIZZY MAGNOLIA’s recent release, PULSAR – The VR Experience. Our collaboration produced this award-winning immersive experience showcasing three individual space journeys, each encapsulated within its own mini cosmic symphony.

LOPING WOLF had been a music maker for a good while before he brought his talents to DIZZY MAGNOLIA. He is one of those originals for whom alluring melodies appear out of thin air only to assemble magically into bona fide, full-scale works seemingly without much effort. 
LOPING WOLF’s color-spectrum compositions exhibit fluid acoustic sonority and often have a haunting as well as soothing, meditative, even transportative quality.  His moving bespoke musical creations brought to vibrant life the quadrants of space presented in PULSAR.

Pulsar VR (Original Soundtrack) - Album Cover_5Laurels_edited.jpg
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