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Dizzy Magnolia VR Studio Unveils Release Date for "PULSAR - The VR Experience" on Steam Store! 🚀

Dizzy Magnolia VR Studio Unveils Release Date for "PULSAR - The VR Experience" on Steam Store! 🚀

In a momentous announcement, Dizzy Magnolia VR Studio has revealed that their highly anticipated VR debut, PULSAR - The VR Experience, is set to hit the Steam store on February 14th. This release marks the culmination of the studio's passion and dedication, inviting virtual reality enthusiasts to embark on an extraordinary musical journey inspired by the final birthday wish of an imaginative child who lost her battle with leukemia.

To celebrate this milestone, Dizzy Magnolia extends an invitation to fans and newcomers alike, urging them to visit the game's Steam store page and join the wishlist for PULSAR. The studio emphasizes the importance of wishlisting, not only for securing early access to updates and announcements, but also for actively shaping the future of this immersive experience.

"Wishlisting is a fantastic way to show YOUR excitement and support which means the world to us," expressed the visionary mind behind Dizzy Magnolia. “The more people wishlist PULSAR, the greater visibility it gains on Steam, opening the door for a broader audience to discover this unique immersive experience.

🌟 Wishlist PULSAR on Steam Now:🌟

As the countdown to February 14th begins, the call is out to fans to spread the word, tell their friends, and collectively build an amazing community around PULSAR.

To stay connected with the studio's behind-the-scenes insights, development updates, and future plans, enthusiasts are encouraged to sign up for the newsletter and to follow Dizzy Magnolia on social media

This Valentine’s Day, let the virtual adventure begin! 🚀


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