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Myth of Centaurus

In Partnership with Oculus

Oculus Launchpad 2021, WINNER GRANT Whit
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Inspired by the indefatigable determination of wheelchair-world-traveler, Cory Lee, who fulfilled his desire to visit every continent on the Globe despite countless limitations. 


Walking in space is a fanciful idea for most. However, it becomes an unreachable goal when you are twelve-year-old Leland and must navigate daily life in your wheelchair. Are your dreams of space travel to be crushed? Or will you find the path you seek in a way that you would have never considered possible? 

Instead of stepping into the shoes of the hero, find yourself seated in his wheelchair and learn to maneuver around the obstacles the physical world places upon you.

Dig behind the stories of the Constellations and get familiar with their importance in various cultures over thousands of years. 

Unravel the mystery of the Blue Star, home-dwelling and energy source of the electric Winged Serpent and think up the only method for its defeat. Will you succeed alone? Or must you first breathe life into a pair of Binary stars to strengthen your chances of rewriting cosmic history?

Welcome to the interactive story-world of RED GIANTS where facts and fiction comingle. Learn. Imagine. Create. Identify the hidden talents within you as you embark on a journey of self-discovery. 

RED GIANTS, Myth of Centaurus is the Winner of the Oculus Launchpad Grant and was created in partnership with Oculus for their Launchpad Program. 

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